SDU Careplex NO.3 / 8.5 oz Hair Repair Treatment Mask


Precio de venta$24.95


Main ingredient:Diaminopropyldiethylene glycol dimaleate (this is the proprietary component of OLAPLEX), keratin Product Efficacy: Keratin can be implanted into the hair core to rebuild the chain key of the hair core, repair the damaged hair core, improve split hair, and protect all kinds of hair, especially the damaged hair and dry hair. How to use: 1. Before shampooing, wet and dry your hair until it does not drip, apply the hair mask evenly, and massage gently. 2. Wrap your hair in a shower cap and leave it on for more than 10 minutes to nourish and repair it deeply. 3. Rinse with clean water, with the same series of washing, the effect is better.

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