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 CAPILLARY PLASTIC SURGERY | The latest to straighten hair without formaldehyde

Hair plastic surgery is one of the trends for hair care since when applying the treatment it helps to reduce frizz, consequently, this new treatment favors hair straightening through the good application of the treatment.

Many of the women today have their hair a little damaged for various reasons, such as not having time to care for it or due to excessive use of irons, dyes or devourers. For this reason, there are more and more beauty products on the market that help reconstruct hair, and this time I am going to talk about hair surgery, which promises to regenerate the cells of the cuticle, providing fibrous proteins to its cortex and resulting in hair rejuvenation, softness and extreme shine.

One of the main benefits of hair surgery to beautify women's hair is that, as it is an innovative product based on collagen and natural vitamins, it adheres from the most damaged areas of the hair's keratin, filling these spaces and nourishing them. , moisturizing and restoring the hair by 100%. In general, this treatment is quite complex since it provides many lost nutrients to the hair.

In this way, if you are a woman who is looking for new treatments that are in the latest trend, read the following content in which I will explain in a very easy way what hair surgery is about and if you are convinced to use it, you can notice the changes. quickly by having beautiful, shiny and full of life hair.

What is hair surgery treatment?

At present, for having beautiful hair, ladies take treatments that inadvertently damage the cuticle and remove essential nutrients from the hair. When they realize that their hair is somewhat mistreated, they must go to the use of treatments. to recover the naturalness that they once had.

Consequently, there are treatments that help in a certain way to regain those nutrients that have been lost due to the various attacks, such as hair surgery that deals with a molecule based on collagen and natural vitamins that adheres from the most damaged areas. of the keratin of the hair, filling these spaces and nourishing, moisturizing and restoring the hair to the maximum.


Benefits of hair surgery

Regenerates the cells of the cuticle by providing fibrous proteins to its cortex

Formulated for hair damaged by the effects of dyes, bleaching

Excellent ally in the keratin processes before applied to the hair.

Exposed to help highlights or straightening products or simply dry, mistreated, brittle exposed to dryers and irons.

Contains Vitamin B6 that restores and conditions damaged hair, repairing the hair fiber

Generates a non-permanent smoothing effect that lasts 8-10 weeks.

Produces deep hydration and a very marked natural shine.

Highlights dyed hair by highlighting the color in HD, accentuating the tones in a spectacular way.