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Amostimeline cosmetic has an important history in the manufacture and sales of hair products, for many years we have developed cosmetics that have evolved with the consumer trends of our customers and along with the development of new raw materials, giving rise to new formulations of hair products.
We are always one step ahead in the search for excellence in our hair products. Our cosmetic products are formulated and manufactured under the principles of GPS Good Manufacturing Practices, 'so they comply with national and international standards that start with the good selection of the best ingredients always giving priority to natural or organic.

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Suppliers of hair products

As connoisseurs of the whole process of elaboration of cosmetics, for more than 30 years, we have mastered every stage of the process of elaboration of hair products: From manufacturing, through wholesalers, distributors and ending the chain with the sale to the final consumer that we currently do through global trading platforms such as amazon and on our website

In the hair cosmetic industry we have done it all and now we specialize in creating brands of products for third parties, always giving the maximum service in our formulation service. We always try to understand your requirements so we can adjust to your needs.

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Manufacturers of hair products

Our hair products factory for years has helped hundreds of small entrepreneurs to generate income with the hair products that we produce at the highest level of quality. We have the equipment to manufacture from small batches to larger quantities, so we are not only a shampoo factory, we are also a model of business sustainability.
The entire manufacturing and marketing process is developed with passion and dedication, so when we acquire a new customer for the sale of hair products, we deliver decades of experience and the development of formulations that is the basis of the manufacture of hair products.

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Hair products wholesaler

Hair wholesalers are always looking to have the best and most up to date products to meet the demands of both private label and third party distributors, many of whom have very professional clients such as hairdressers and salon owners. At Amostimeline we provide hair products to our wholesale distributors that are one hundred percent tested and very importantly the flexibility to adjust or customize the products in terms of active ingredients, fragrance, color, viscosity, etc.

The wholesale of hair products is our company's main source of income and therefore we dedicate the most time and care possible to keep our wholesalers happy, who see in us, in addition to the confidence that we show, a source of multiplying their investments.


Distributor of hair products


We distribute hair products of our own formulation designed for any type of public either beauty professionals, physical stores of cosmetics distribution or final consumer.

We offer products that meet the needs of hair care and protection and we improve every day paying careful attention to the opinions of our customers. All hair products that are in fashion or on sale can be manufactured and customized by us.


Hair products for sale

The positive reviews left by our customers to the hair products we sell on the best online platforms as well as through salon distributors are our greatest satisfaction,
The commitment to the customer leads us to greater professionalism of the customer service team, answering their concerns and giving guarantees of what we offer.
We not only sell generic and basic hair products such as shampoo and conditioners, we specialize in deep action products to solve the main problems of the hair and also maintain or transform it to the fashions, whether you want it curly or straight, we have everything in hair products.


Our hair products


We present here some of our hair products that you can see online in the biggest e-commerce platforms in the world and in our own .

We manufacture many other private label hair products, but due to confidentiality agreement we cannot present them here.