Professional Keratin Hair Treatment - Smoothing and Strengthening Formula with Nanoplasty and Organic Botox - Enriched with Placenta Hair Mask - Hair Relaxer for Salon Quality Results. 16oz / 473ml"


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Indulge yourself with this pampering professional keratin treatment. Its blend of Nano-plasty and organic Botox fortifies and smooths hair, while its Placenta hair mask nourishes for salon-quality results. At 16 oz, it offers maximum effect with a luxurious spa-level experience.

  • Keratin Hair Treatment Straightening: Crafted with keratina para alisar el pelo, this product provides an essential keratin hair treatment for smooth, straight hair.
  • Nanoplastia & Organic Botox for Hair: Infused with nanoplastia and organic botox for hair, this keratina brasilera para alisar el pelo leaves the hair looking naturally smooth and silky-straight.
  • Placenta Hair Mask: Deeply nourish and protect the hair with a placenta hair mask while achieving shiny, manageable locks with this brazilian blowout shampoo and conditioner.
  • Get salon-worthy hair with our at-home keratin straightening treatment. Say goodbye to frizz with our hair straightening products and enjoy the benefits of a professional hair straightening cream. Experience the power of keratin straightening treatment at home
  • Hair Relaxing Agent: Containing both an alisado brasileño agent and celulas madres para el cabello, this keratin oil ensures long lasting hair smoothing without damaging effects of a perm kit or acido hialuronico para el cabello treatments.



- Instructions to utilize: Stage 1: wash your hair with normal cleanser, wash and dry - Stage 2 - Utilize delicate natural consideration protein, leave on for 40 minutes (delicate, blonde or straight hair) and an hour (frizzier and more safe hair); - Stage 3 - Eliminate abundance item as it were. - Stage 4: blow dry your hair with a blow dryer and utilize the hair straightener fine strand along the length of your hair 5/10 times - Stage 5 - Presently you have a hair for 12 weeks* without frizz.




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